Sunday, March 3, 2013

A beautiful new beginning for two children.

Time to celebrate!  This week we were able officially obtain guardianship rights for our newest Grace Village children.  These children were identified and rescued by Restavek Freedom, a partner organization.  They lived in domestic slavery and it was evident they were being severely abused by their host families.  

The legal process to obtain guardianship went beautifully.  We met with the children's  guardians at the school they attend to sign the necessary documents.  Rubinson, one of our Grace Village social workers, did a beautiful job preparing the proper documents and making the children feel comfortable during this process.  It is obvious that he has a great rapport with the children.  Over the next couple of days, Rubinson and the rest of our staff, will work to prepare our children at Grace Village to welcome these children.  Then Rubinson will meet them on Wednesday, March 6th to move the two children up to Grace Village.   

An amazing "God-incidence":  Rubinson volunteers as a psycho/social worker at the school both children attend.  The little boy was one of the children Rubinson has been counseling every week since the beginning of school this fall.  What are the chances that one of the children recommended to us would be a boy that our social worker was already working with to provide therapy?!  WOW!  GOD IS THAT BIG!

Thank you God for rescuing these two beautiful children.  It will be a beautiful new beginning.  Please pray for the smooth transition and the warm welcome from our kids at GV.  

12 year old boy

12 year old boy, Rubinson, 12 year old girl

12 year old girl

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