Friday, September 30, 2011

Restavek Awareness Fun Run - Blown Away by Response!

Our first annual Restavek Awareness Fun Run was a great success.  We are BLOWN AWAY by the response and great turn out.  Thank you to those of you who set apart your morning for such a great cause!

5 Reasons to Celebrate:
1)  55 children participated.
2)  Most of the children had sponsors which spread an even wider circle of awareness.
3)  We have already collected over $2,000 and the sponsor dollars are still rolling in!  Donations will go towards furnishing the Restavek safe house.
4)  Awareness and education was given to our runners, their parents and grandparents by the great demonstration on Restaveks given by Kari Bristol, event coordinator with the help of runner Kayla.
5)  Other donations were raised by the event booths.  Volunteers sold muffins, cookies, thank you cards, popsicles, t-shirts, candy grams and books.  Thank you!

We look forward to announcing the date of our next Fun Run!

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